Class EvalitaNameSampleStream

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, ObjectStream<NameSample>

    public class EvalitaNameSampleStream
    extends Object
    implements ObjectStream<NameSample>
    Parser for the Italian NER training files of the Evalita 2007 and 2009 NER shared tasks.

    The data does not contain article boundaries, adaptive data will be cleared for every sentence.

    Named Entities are annotated in the IOB2 format (as used in CoNLL 2002 shared task)

    The Named Entity tag consists of two parts: 1. The IOB2 tag: 'B' (for 'begin') denotes the first token of a Named Entity, I (for 'inside') is used for all other tokens in a Named Entity, and 'O' (for 'outside') is used for all other words; 2. The Entity type tag: PER (for Person), ORG (for Organization), GPE (for Geo-Political Entity), or LOC (for Location).

    Each file consists of four columns separated by a blank, containing respectively the token, the Elsnet PoS-tag, the Adige news story to which the token belongs, and the Named Entity tag.

    Data can be found on this web site:

    Note: Do not use this class, internal use only!