Class MascToken

    • Constructor Detail

      • MascToken

        public MascToken​(int s,
                         int e,
                         int pennId,
                         String pos,
                         String base,
                         MascWord[] quarks)
        Create a MascToken, which may combine multiple quarks
        s - The start of the token in the corpus file
        e - The end of the token in the corpus file
        pennId - The ID of the token as assigned by the Penn stand-off annotation
        pos - The POS-tag
        base - The base form
        quarks - Quarks contained in the token
    • Method Detail

      • getTokenId

        public int getTokenId()
        Get ID of the token
        the ID
      • getBase

        public String getBase()
        Get the base form
        the base form
      • getPos

        public String getPos()
        Get the POS tag
        POS tag
      • getQuarks

        public MascWord[] getQuarks()
        Get quarks of the token
        Array of quark references