Class BrownTokenClasses

  • public class BrownTokenClasses
    extends Object
    Obtain the paths listed in the pathLengths array from the Brown class. This class is not to be instantiated.
    • Field Detail

      • pathLengths

        public static final int[] pathLengths
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrownTokenClasses

        public BrownTokenClasses()
    • Method Detail

      • getWordClasses

        public static List<String> getWordClasses​(String token,
                                                  BrownCluster brownLexicon)
        It provides a list containing the pathLengths for a token if found in the Map:token,BrownClass.
        token - the token to be looked up in the brown clustering map
        brownLexicon - the Brown clustering map
        the list of the paths for a token