Class PreviousTwoMapFeatureGenerator

    • Constructor Detail

      • PreviousTwoMapFeatureGenerator

        public PreviousTwoMapFeatureGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • createFeatures

        public void createFeatures​(List<String> features,
                                   String[] tokens,
                                   int index,
                                   String[] preds)
        Generates previous decision features for the token based on contents of the previous map.
        Specified by:
        createFeatures in interface AdaptiveFeatureGenerator
        features - The list of features to be added to.
        tokens - The tokens of the sentence or other text unit being processed.
        index - The index of the token which is currently being processed.
        preds - The outcomes for the tokens prior to the specified index.
      • updateAdaptiveData

        public void updateAdaptiveData​(String[] tokens,
                                       String[] outcomes)
        Description copied from interface: AdaptiveFeatureGenerator
        Informs the feature generator that the specified tokens have been classified with the corresponding set of specified outcomes.
        Specified by:
        updateAdaptiveData in interface AdaptiveFeatureGenerator
        tokens - The tokens of the sentence or other text unit which has been processed.
        outcomes - The outcomes associated with the specified tokens.