Class WordClusterDictionary

    • Constructor Detail

      • WordClusterDictionary

        public WordClusterDictionary​(InputStream in)
                              throws IOException
        Read word2vec and clark clustering style lexicons.
        in - the inputstream
        IOException - the io exception
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      • lookupToken

        public String lookupToken​(String string)
      • getArtifactSerializerClass

        public Class<?> getArtifactSerializerClass()
        Description copied from interface: SerializableArtifact
        Retrieves the class which can serialize and recreate this artifact.
        Note: The serializer class must have a public zero argument constructor or an exception is thrown during model serialization/loading.
        Specified by:
        getArtifactSerializerClass in interface SerializableArtifact
        the corresponding ArtifactSerializer class.