Interface ArtifactProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseModel, ChunkerModel, DoccatModel, LanguageDetectorModel, LemmatizerModel, ParserModel, POSModel, SentenceModel, TokenizerModel, TokenNameFinderModel

public interface ArtifactProvider
Provides access to model persisted artifacts.
  • Method Details

    • getArtifact

      <T> T getArtifact(String key)
      Gets an artifact by an identifying key or name.
    • getManifestProperty

      String getManifestProperty(String key)
      key - A string identifying an element.
      Retrieves the value for the given key from the
    • getLanguage

      String getLanguage()
      Retrieves the language code of the material which was used to train a model or 'x-unspecified' if non was set.
    • isLoadedFromSerialized

      boolean isLoadedFromSerialized()
      Indicates if this provider was loaded from a serialized form.

      It is useful, for example, during the validation of artifacts: Skip the time-consuming ones if those were already validated during the serialization process.

      true if this model was loaded from a serialized form, false otherwise.