All Classes and Interfaces

Base class provides access to a shared resource, eg. a model or dictionary.
UIMA Annotation iterator combination of super- and subiterator.
Checks two annotations for equality.
A pair of a UIMA annotation and an annotation iterator.
This is a utility class for Annotators.
OpenNLP Chunker annotator.
Checks if an AnnotationFS is contained by the given AnnotationFS.
A default implementation of an OpenNLP Document Categorizer.
This class contains constants for the exception messages in the exception message catalog.
Analysis Engine (AE) which can detect the language of a text.
OpenNLP Name annotator.
The Normalizer tries the structure annotations.
Provides methods to parse numbers which occur in natural language texts.
This class contains util methods for the maxent library.
Abstract base class for OpenNLP Parser annotators.
OpenNLP Part Of Speech annotator.
OpenNLP Sentence annotator.
OpenNLP Simple Tokenizer annotator.
OpenNLP Tokenizer annotator.
A TokenizerModel which can be shared between AnalysisEngines and loaded via the UIMA resource model.
This is a util class for uima operations.
OpenNLP Whitespace Tokenizer annotator.