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Apache OpenNLP Tools 1.8.2 API

Package Description
Contains packages which solve common NLP tasks.
Package related to finding non-recursive syntactic annotation such as noun phrase chunks.
Package related to parsing and storing dictionaries.
Package for classifying a document into a category.
Experimental package related to converting various corpora to OpenNLP Format.
Package related to language models
Package related with the lemmatizer tool
Provides main functionality of the maxent package including data structures and algorithms for parameter estimation.
Provides the I/O functionality of the maxent package including reading and writing models in several formats.
Package related to finding proper names and numeric amounts.
Package related to computing and storing n-gram frequencies.
Package containing common code for performing full syntactic parsing.
Package containing code for performing full syntactic parsing using shift/reduce-style decisions.
Package containing experimental code for performing full syntactic parsing using attachment decisions.
Package related to part-of-speech tagging.
Package related to identifying sentece boundries.
Package related to the processing of Thai data.
Contains classes related to finding token or words in a string.
Package containing utility data structures and algorithms used by multiple other packages.
Package containing extension loading code.
This package contains classes for generating sequence features.  
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