Building from Source


Build Procedure

OpenNLP can either be build from the distributed sources or from a subversion checkout. These build instructions document how to build from the latest trunk version. The distributed source package includes a README file which explains how to build it.

On the first checkout everything should be built. Go to the opennlp folder inside the trunk folder (e.g. opennlp-trunk) and type

cd opennlp-trunk/opennlp
mvn install
to build all modules. The build installs the maven artifacts in the local repository and creates a binary and source distribution inside the opennlp-distr/target folder.

After the initial build the individual modules can be built on their own with:

mvn install

In the opennlp-docs project it is recommended to always build with

mvn clean install
because changed docbook xml files might not be re-processed otherwise.

In some cases it might be convenient to skip the tests. That can be done with the "-Dmaven.test.skip=true" option. For example type:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

No tests will be executed.

It might happen from time to time that the build fails, if so please report a broken build on the opennlp-dev mailing list. The build should always work for everyone.