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Last Official Release

Apache OpenNLP 2.3.3 is now available for download.

Please note that the tar.gz archive contains file names longer than 100 characters and has been created using GNU tar extensions. It must be untarred with a GNU compatible version of tar.
.tar.gz .zip

apache-opennlp-2.3.3-bin.tar.gz sha512 asc sha512 asc

apache-opennlp-2.3.3-src.tar.gz sha512 asc sha512 asc

Verifying Signatures

The sha512 and asc files are signature files and can be used to verify the integrity of the downloaded distribution package.

Use the following commands to verify the integrity:

  • gpg --print-md sha512 fileName.tar.gz

  • gpg --verify fileName.tar.gz.asc

It might be necessary to import the KEYS file to verify the integrity of the asc files.

That can easily be done with:

  • gpg --import KEYS

More information about release signing and verifying signatures can be found here.


The models for Apache OpenNLP are found here.

The models can be used for testing or getting started, please train your own models for all other use cases.


Historical releases can be downloaded from the archived SourceForge project or the Apache archive.