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Models Download

Use the links in the table below to download the pre-trained models for the Apache OpenNLP.

Note: All models are zip compressed (like a jar file), they must not be uncompressed.

Component Language Compatibility Description README and Reports File Signatures

Language Detector


>= 1.8.3

Detects 103 languages in ISO 693-3 standard. Works well with longer texts that have at least 2 sentences or more from the same language.

README Effectiveness Misclassified


md5 sha1 asc

SourceForge Models

The models on Sourceforge for 1.5.0 are found here and are fully compatible with Apache OpenNLP 1.9.3.

The models can be used for testing or getting started, please train your own models for all other use cases.

Verifying Signatures

The md5, sha1 and asc files are signature files and can be used to verify the integrity of the downloaded distribution package.

Use the following commands to verify the integrity:

  • gpg --print-md MD5

  • gpg --print-md SHA1 fileName.tar.gz

  • gpg --verify fileName.tar.gz.asc

It might be necessary to import the KEYS file to verify the integrity of the asc files.

That can easily be done with:

  • gpg --import KEYS

More information about release signing and verifying signatures can be found here.