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This list contains common questions asked in mailing lists and forums.

Where can I download the models used in OpenNLP?
They are hosted at SourceForge.
How to train a Named Entity Recognition (NER) model?
To train the name finder model you need training data that contains the entities you would like to detect. Have a look at our manual, in special the sections under the Name Finder Training API. At the beginning of that section you can see how the data has to be marked up. Please note you that you need many sentences to successfully train the name finder.
How can I speed up my MaxEnt training time
Try tweaking the value of TrainingParameters.THREADS_PARAM.
Will my models trained with a previous version of OpenNLP still work with a newer version?
You should expect it to work. The corpora used is normally the same. However, the behavior may change when we fix bugs or add new features. The test results in the project Wiki may contain useful information about model compatibility.
Is there a commercial license for OpenNLP?
OpenNLP is licensed under the business-friendly Apache software license, version 2.0. You can read the license here or its Wikipedia page for more information.
How can I start contributing to this project?
Have a look at our Getting Involved page. We have a list of issues needing help there, as well as instructions to get started contributing to OpenNLP. You may also consider making a donation to the Apache Software Foundation.

In case you have a suggestion of another question that could be added, please do not hesitate in getting in contact.